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Google pay Customer Care Service – Get Answer for Queries Regarding Payment

Google is never stopping itself for expanding services for every walk of life. Hence, it has also bestowed users with the easiest and hassle-free mobile payment system which is very quick and secure. Online wallet is today’s trend and that is why so many wallet services are made available online but no one can dare to compete with Google in terms of quality and ease. Using Google Wallet, you can transfer money, pay your food bill at various restaurants, pay shopping bill at showroom and complexes, pay online bill also.

Google wallet is alluring users by offering rewards point and discounts on the app or website. You can also earn gift cards for future payments. If you want to know all the services and features that Google wallet includes, you can contact Google Pay customer care service:

Google Pay Features and Services

  • Completely free payment via mobile phone
  • Secure and fast way to transfer money from one bank account to another
  • Offers a gift, reward points, credit, and loyalty card for future payment

 While using Google pay Wallet, users find some complicatedness and thus asking below-mentions queries to Google pay customer care number:

  • How to sign up for Google pay Wallet
  • How to register with already existing Gmail account
  • How to transfer money
  • Where is the transactions history
  • How to manage my account effectively
  • How to get a reward point
  • How to transfer to another wallet
  • How to redeem gift card and reward points
  • How to get a refund if money is transferred to wrong contact
  • How to pay a bill using Google pay Wallet

 All the above queries are answered at the Google wallet customer helpline desk. So contact Google pay customer care service whenever you fall for any query.

How to add money to Google pay Wallet

To add money to your Google Wallet, follow below steps

  • Visit and login to your account
  • Go to the menu on the left and click on payment methods
  • Now you can see the wallet balance
  • Click on add to wallet
  • Give your bank or card details to add the money to your Google wallet
  • Add email id, name or phone number with your debit card
  • Click on add money

How my payment is secured on Google pay

Your payment is secured by encryption with industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology. Google Wallet application never shows your debit and credit card information.

How to contact Google Pay Wallet Customer care

There are many ways including postal address, email address, helpline number, and chat to contact Google wallet customer care executive for your concern.

Here are the contact details:

Google Pay Postal Address

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, California 94043, United States

Contact Number +1-833-260-7367

Google Pay Support phone number +1-833-260-7367

Calling times- Monday to Thursday (7am-7pm) & Friday (7am-6pm)

Fax Number: +1-833-260-7367

Google Pay Toll-free Numbers

Google New York: +1-833-260-7367

Aluma Wallet, Tele Google, and Google Play Canada: +1-833-260-7367